About David Sax

I was born under the veil of night. Safe and protected.  Back then this was the way.  The only way.  It’s ironic that the same light that could create could also destroy.  Odd.


I led a colorful childhood.  Most of my family and friends typically saw the world as black and white.  To me the beauty was in the shades of gray.  But then again, the perspective by which a person experiences the world is dependent on his point of view.  His (or her) depth of understanding is influenced by how open, or close-minded he or she is.  No surprise really.
All the other kids seemed to thrive in this amorphous matrix of shape and tonality, happy in their elemental existence.  Their behavior had been developed in a harsh environment.  They didn’t mind being kept in the dark most of the time.  It’s what they knew.


I felt like an outsider.  Split between three personalities.  Well two really.  The third just created to serve the other two...a censor coordinating their efforts.  The outcome was an organized, mosaic array of color and form.  Bits and pieces.  Shape and texture.  Crafted by enlightenment.  My translation of the world.  Raw and uncompressed.  Beauty being refined by a new program created to develop desired characteristics.